OPOS stands for One Pot One Shot cooking. You can make a variety of flavored Rice recipes, Curries, Sweets, Tea, Pasta etc., using OPOS method. I have been trying OPOS for the last few months and it’s a big hit in my family. The total cooking takes approximately 10 -15 minutes. You will be amazed to see the end result of all the dishes. OPOS is a patented technique owned by Mr.Ramakrishnan. It is a copyrighted term. He has generously given us permission for using OPOS recipes in our blog..

February 15, 2018

OPOS Chicken Biryani

OPOS is One Pot One Shot, which will save your time. We are going to OPOS Chicken Biryani, which can be made in 6 mins. Yes, […]
November 24, 2017

OPOS Veg Kurma

OPOS Kurma takes less than 10 minutes once the ingredients are ready. You just have to layer the vegetables in the given order and cook. Do […]